Colligan in Columbia: Cyber-crime and economic development through private equity transactions

May 11, 2016

Colligaw Law - BogotaLawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) gives Colligan Law clients access to high quality, vetted, mid-market law firms located in jurisdictions across the globe.

Colligan Law LLP Partner John Moscati joined lawyers from 33 of LAW’s member firms from the most major U.S., Canadian, Central and South American jurisdictions, at the Americas’ regional meeting in Bogota, Columbia last month.

The conference included substantive discussions on the growing threat that cybersecurity poses to both clients and law firms, as cyber-crime is set to eclipse narcotics-related crime in total dollar value of damages worldwide within the decade. The conference also addressed venture capital and private equity transactions in Central and South America – transactions that largely mirror the U.S. and Canada – with many South American jurisdictions actively adopting legal structures to promote private equity transactions as a means to support economic development.

Colligan Law uses Lawyers Associated Worldwide as a means to provide its clients with access to quality legal talent in jurisdictions outside of New York and outside of the United States.  In addition, LAW allows Colligan Law to access experienced practitioners in niche areas of law not typically available through a boutique firm like Colligan Law. By having partners regularly attend LAW events, helps Colligan Law ensure that when a referral to an LAW attorney is made, it is to someone that is known personally to the Colligan Law attorneys and to whom they are willing to entrust a client.

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