Turnaround Management

Every business will encounter challenges. Unfortunately, facing adversity can result in existential threats to a business. Colligan Law partners with its clients to create tailored turnaround plans, ensuring that the right professionals are helping the business get back on its feet.


Restructuring a business and its liabilities can be key to any turnaround. We advise clients on options for both debt finance and investor restructuring, and counsel them on addressing each in turnaround strategies including mergers and acquisitions.

Tax Resolution

As part of developing custom turnaround plans, we carefully examine federal and state tax considerations—both civil and criminal. Our attorneys ensure a full understanding of these considerations and that every precaution is taken in order to mitigate the tax impact of any restructuring.


Bankruptcy can be an effective option when a restructuring outside of court simply will not work, and it also presents an opportunity to acquire distressed assets. We represent both debtors and creditors in Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. We also act as Special Counsel for Chapter 7 Case Trustee interests.


Business owners can rest easier knowing that our attorneys will help guide them through the creation of a new venture, management of the process and, ultimately, dissolution when the time comes.