Health Care

Health Care

Health Law Entity Formation

From the choice of your health care business name and type of entity, to credentialing, staffing, certificates of need, permits, financing and licensing, we address the unique formation challenges when launching health care products and services. Real estate, transactional and tax needs, employment and labor issues, litigation and mediation, we are ready to assist you with your next chapter.

Health Care Transactions

We assist clients buying, selling, expanding, merging and winding-down of health properties and businesses. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a practice, merge with other partners, license your property or to retire, we are by your side, making sure you can comply with the laws specific to entities delivering health care products and services at every stage of your career.

Health Care Operations

Health care has no shortage of regulations for health practitioners and their business associates to comply with: HIPAA, HITECH, Stark, Anti-Kickback, Excluded Persons, False Claims Act, to name a few. We are fluent in the myriad state and federal regulations governing the day-to-day operations of entities in the field of professional health care services, research, products, medical equipment, and the professional services that support them. We can perform investigations, develop corrective action plans, handle breach notification matters, and more. We will help you make it right.

Reimbursement Audits & Appeals

We represent health care providers and their business associates in state, federal, intermediary and third-party payer audits regarding Medicare & Medicaid and their contractors, Managed Care and other health insurance reimbursements. We handle provider issues including quality and sufficiency of documentation, payment regulations, compliance rules and contracts. We appeal administrative findings of overpayments, claw-backs, claims downgrades, desk and procedural audits, and allegations of fraud and abusive billing practices. We represent health providers seeking fair payment for services rendered, meaningful use, cost-sharing distributions, documentation sufficiency matters, quality of care, provider credentialing hearings and coverage determinations.

Health Employment Contracts, Credentials & Compliance

We assist health care providers with credentialing, scope of license activities, requirements and defense. We advise on excluded persons compliance, physician advertising, professional use of social media, accepting side employment, consulting, supervising, medical director contracts, telemedicine, non-compete, non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements, staff recruitment, regulatorily mandated staff training, policies and procedures, whistleblowers and more. When you have health employment questions, we have answers.

Regulatory compliance and Proceedings

Safe harbors, best practices and planning ahead. We prepare health care professionals for the future. We know the rules, and the climate forecasts for the weather ahead. We can show you how to be prepared. We represent clients in matters before state and federal courts, arbitrations, administrative proceedings, hearings and other forums, including those of the USDHHS, USOIG, NYOMIG, federal and state AG’s Office, CMS, MFCU, NYDOH, NYEDOP, FDA, FCC and DEA, among others.