High-Growth Ventures & Technology

High-Growth Ventures & Technology

Data Privacy

Companies can no longer ignore privacy protection and compliance. At Colligan Law, we work with clients to protect themselves and their customers in both domestic and international marketplaces.

Emerging Markets & Technology

From blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to advanced manufacturing and cannabis, Colligan Law has a global perspective on emerging industries. We’re proud to be on the cutting edge of emerging markets and growth opportunities in technology. Colligan Law offers high-growth companies access to a broad network across the globe, which is regularly leveraged to assist our clients no matter what comes up—or where.


Legal counsel is essential for a startup moving from idea to exit—meaning from the very beginning of a business idea all the way to the company’s exit. Colligan Law is an innovative and business-focused law firm that provides legal representation to startups, small businesses, private companies, inventors, investors and entrepreneurs throughout New York State. We also understand that money is best spent on growing a business, and we work hard to provide flexible fee arrangements.