Business Transactions

Business Transactions

Business Counseling

An attorney should be able to understand a business and the practical implications of how legal issues will impact its bottom line. Colligan Law takes pride in being a partner for our clients, not only in our counsel on legal issues, but also on business strategies.

Business Formations, Structures & Governance

Whether a corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership or limited liability company, varying types of business entities offer legal and financial pros and cons. We guide Colligan Law clients through the process of determining which type of business best suits their needs and then complete the actual business formation.

Business Transactions

Colligan Law assists businesses in New York State with complex transactions involving financing, securities offerings and mergers and acquisitions. Our clients include small, local startups and large, well-established companies active in national and international markets.

Corporate Finance

Our work in corporate finance involves the representation of banks and other financial institutions in a multitude of transaction types, including commercial loan and bond closings and collateralizations and structured finance. Our role ranges from capital provider to trustee for securitization trusts.

International Transactions

In order to address the needs of our clients, Colligan Law partners with Lawyers Associated Worldwide, a network of law firms from across the globe and an affiliation that allows our firm to counsel clients doing business in Western New York, throughout the United States, in Canada or overseas. We’re able to work with clients on matters traditionally handled by large firms, such as cross-border formations, international capital markets, L1 transactions and related immigration matters.

Investor Finance: Angel Funds, Venture Capital & Private Equity

Our investor finance practice group works with companies seeking to attract investment and investors seeking to invest. Our attorneys have experience formulating strategies for structuring financings (including convertible debt, SAFE, mezzanine and traditional equity financings), private company acquisitions, investment fund formations and turnaround/restructuring capital.

Securities Compliance & Private Offerings

High-growth businesses will almost always need to address securities compliance matters with both the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and within individual states. We help clients put the pieces together by navigating private offering exemptions with the SEC, ensuring their compliance with the New York State Martin Act on intrastate offerings and understanding the obligations and implications.