Colligan Law is First Western New York Law Firm to Accept Bitcoin

April 25, 2018

Service providers and retailers join the growing list of local companies accepting cryptocurrency

Today Colligan Law LLP announced that it will now accept cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin, as a form of payment in exchange for its various legal services. Colligan Law’s announcement makes the firm the first in Western New York to accept bitcoin, as the number of retailers and service providers allowing payment in the form of cryptocurrency continues to grow worldwide.

“As all forms of cryptocurrency become increasingly prevalent and considered acceptable forms of payment for everyday transactions at stores or with service providers, Colligan Law providing its legal services in exchange for bitcoin was a natural next step,” said Associate Attorney Shawn Roche, who specializes in intellectual property, securities and corporate law. “Upstate New York is a place of innovation, and accepting cryptocurrency keeps us nimble and at the forefront of our marketplace. We hope to make our customer experience as enjoyable and modern as possible.”

Colligan Law’s acceptance of bitcoin allows the firm to join the ranks of companies, both large and small, that are involved in the growing cryptocurrency industry and adapting their payment methods to reflect currency technologies.