International Law

In our representation of business entities our law firm has noticed a decided shift in our clients’ business focus from local and regional business opportunities to truly global markets. In order to better serve our clients in these expanding markets, our firm has joined a network of leading law firms around the globe known as Lawyers Associated Worldwide (“LAW”) ( This network allows our law firm to serve our clients’ needs in virtually every country of the developed world. The 80 member firms of LAW provide our firm with the ability to refer client matters to competent legal counsel whom we personally know and whose professional credentials and reputation have been researched and verified. Additionally, some 17 of the 80 LAW member firms are located here in the United States so our law firm can work with our clients to complete transactions and handle legal matters in virtually every market within the United States. This unique ability to service domestic business and international business differentiates our law firm from virtually all other law firms of our size in the Western New York region.