Oil and Gas Law

Oil and gas law has evolved into a complex area of practice that involves many different facets of law some of which include property, contracts, lease negotiation, and environmental law. An owner of real estate also owns the mineral rights beneath the surface unless they have been severed by previous conveyance. In order to harvest those valuable minerals, an oil and gas company must obtain those rights from that landowner.

Colligan Law has successfully represented landowners who have been approached by oil and gas companies seeking to develop that land for oil or gas production. These companies have the advantage of size and sophistication with lease terms, knowledge of the property and the underlying mineral composition. Colligan Law has the expertise required to fully advise the landowner on these complex leases and their benefits to the landowner such as royalties, free gas, up-front bonuses, and proper valuation of the leased interest. Colligan Law’s guidance extends beyond the negotiation process to ensure that the landowner’s rights are protected in the installation and drilling of wells or pipelines on the property.