Timber and Forestry Law

Timber is a unique natural resource asset. Issues that surround timber include warranty and title issues, tax issues, boundary and easement issues, contract issues often involving technical terms and special language, and land use issues. The lawyers at Colligan Law have a great deal of experience dealing with all of the above issues. In addition, we regularly advise clients on how to create compatible income streams from timberland, such as hunting leases, wind leases, oil and gas leases and carbon credits.

We can provide you with accurate information regarding the complex issues facing timber owners, forest products companies, foresters, or any individual owning forested land. Our law firm can advise you on matters related to timber taxation, timberland succession planning, timber trespass actions, boundary line disputes, timber warranty issues, timber sale contract matters, and any matters that related to timber and forestry issues. Visit our website at www.forestrylaw.com for more information on this subject.