Timber Owner’s Access to Timber Parcel Restored

August 11, 2014

By A. Nicholas Falkides

Colligan Law recently helped a timber owner gain access to his valuable timber stand. Our client owned a 40+ acre parcel on which was located a house with a 5 acre lot in the front and 35+ acres of valuable timber in the rear. He sold the front portion to the defendant but retained an easement to access his timber parcel. He used the easement for 15+ years without a problem, but found it blocked by the defendant when our client attempted to sell off his timber in a public bid. Colligan Law tried the case to a jury, as a result of which our client’s easement was confirmed, and the defendant directed to unblock the easement. The jury also awarded the client over $100,000 in damages for his lost profit on the timber sale and a portion of his attorneys’ fees. The defendant appealed and Colligan Law prevailed on appeal on all counts.

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